Psychological Consultations

Feeling like too often you do something you regret later but cannot help it?
We are specialized in providing psychological assistance for behavioral addiction issues which may often involve legal or interpersonal problems. For example, you can get specific advice on how to get your life better from us if you or your family have been arrested for sexual crimes, stealing, and other illegal impulsive behaviors.

Frequent clients’ presenting issues may include;
・LGBTQ-related issues, concerns about gay partners ・frequent voyeurism or upskirting
・touching sexually a child or an unconsenting person
・having sexual relationships with numerous random persons
・spending too much money to sex industry
・stealing cheap items that you can easily afford
・feeling very uncomfortable with intimacy

For mental-health professionals working for clients with behavioral addiction issues, we also can provide consultations on how to conduct CBT.
For non-healthcare professionals such as attorneys working for clients with behavioral or mental issues, we also provide professional advice and helpful hints for how to better understand your clients.
There is an online 30-minute intake session free of charge before deciding whether to actually reserve online consultation.
You can make an appointment for your session from the Calendar above and select “Free 30-minute intake (initial interview) ” .


If you wish to work on your behavioral-addiction problems (especially sexually compulsive or offending behaviors) for a longer term, you are at the right place to get help.
We provide an online counseling course mainly based on the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) method.
You can receive an online 30-minute free intake session before you decide to actually reserve online therapy. Fees range from 4,950 yen to 9,000 yen.
You can reserve your session from the Calendar above.

Guest Course

If you are thinking of trying out just one or two sessions or receiving sessions on a short-term basis, you can reserve a session by purchasing tickets for the number of sessions you would like to have.

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Membership Course

To work on your concerns for a longer term, the Membership Course may be a better choice. You will be able to receive up to three sessions (either consultation or psychotherapy) per month for a monthly fee starting from 7000 yen.
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